About Us

The faces behind Lux Lingua

The history behind Lux Lingua


Lux Lingua is born from our shared ambition to offer language solution services with a true added value for our clients. The concepts of service and collaboration are at the heart of our business.

We position ourselves as brand ambassadors.

We are doing much more than translating words from one language to the other – we are conveying the concepts that make you successful. We believe in the values of common sense in professional relationships. We want to be an asset for your business and help you achieve your goals by offering a complete and tailor-made solution. Lux Lingua is a team of seasoned, efficient and flexible professionals. We are passionate about what we do and we strive to deliver a unique client experience. Specializing in luxury, entertainment and high-tech industries, we pay a lot of attention to detail and know how to meet any exacting standards (confidentiality, deadlines, style, etc.). Contact us now to go further, together.

The Founders

Grégory Thévenet

Always connected, Grégory is our high-tech and marketing expert.

From his degree in languages and politics obtained at Queen Mary’s University (London), he has developed strong skills in research and analysis and a love for precision.

His favourite part of the job? Implementing technological solutions that help you optimise your content and save money.

When he is not behind a screen, he indulges in his passion for fine food and literature.


Aurélie Colin-Thévenet

After studying at La Sorbonne, Aurélie has spent all her career in press and marketing for the luxury and entertainment industries.

Her professional experience in France and abroad enables her to adapt quickly to any projects while keeping her focus on aesthetics, down to the last comma on the page.

She has previously worked as a freelancer for BBC Radio 2 (Europe 2nd biggest radio station), Burberry, and some leading brands in consumer electronics.

Her favourite part of the job? Conveying a strong brand identity in a few carefully chosen words.

Music plays a big part in Aurélie’s life, whether at the office or at home. It is also a vital companion in her numerous workout sessions.

The Team

We are a dedicated team of professionals made of: graphic designer, data analyst, commercial assistants, project manager and more!

Lux Lingua is founded
Lux Lingua joins the Business Incubator of Grand Angoulême (South-West France)
Grand Angoulême Investment
The company receives a loan to boost its growth (for 25,000 euros) from Grand Angoulême
Viva Technology trade show
Exhibition at Viva Technology trade show in Paris (Nouvelle-Aquitaine booth)
Ambassador for the city of Angoulême and the area of Charente
Aurélie Colin-Thévenet (Cofounder) is chosen to be the Ambassador for the city of Angoulême and the area of Charente
Vice-President Charente for the SPN
Aurélie Colin-Thévenet is elected Vice-President Charente for the SPN (Network for Professionals working in digital)
Eureka Park Exhibit
Lux Lingua has been chosen to exhibit at the Eureka Park during CES Las Vegas 2019
"Start up of the year" for the Charente region
Lux Lingua received the award "Start up of the year" for the Charente region (South-West of France)
Lux Lingua exhibited at Eureka Park
Lux Lingua exhibited at Eureka Park during CES Las Vegas 2019 with Project S.T.A.R.S (STrategic Augmented Reality Storytelling)
Winner of "Innovation and Entrepreneurship"
Winner of the competition "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" launched by Grand Angoulême in the category "Cooperation for development.
Atlantic Valley Community
Aurélie Colin-Thévenet joins the board of the French Tech Atlantic Valley Community.
5th anniversary
Lux Lingua celebrates its 5th anniversary. The team grows rapidly and the company moves to a bigger office.
Les Bouchages Delage Partner
Lux Lingua becomes the official partner of the renowned bottle closure company Les Bouchages Delage for their connected packaging event around Primo Connect
SIRENA the European Start-up Program.
Lux Lingua is selected to join SIRENA the European Start-up Program. The company has been invited to come to Montréal for the StartUp Festival.
The team keeps on growing!
Lux Lingua moves into a new office in Jarnac (France) at the heart of the Cognac PGI.