These are three concepts that permeate everything we do, as we believe that every project we handle deserves a global outlook. Check out what we do, and how we do it!


We are placing our passion for writing at your disposal for any type of content. We collaborate closely with you: this is how we can help you tell your story well, make your products more appealing and find the perfect baseline/name for your brand! Check out some of the content types that we can offer.


Here at Lux Lingua we strive to create the best visual assets for you. Video, photography, graphic design… check out some of our creations below!

"Of Vines and Men" video for Cognac François Voyer

Credit : Alexandra Martin

Professional photography

Credit : Alexandra Martin


Web series


We are always comming with innovative ways to make and showcase content so that you stay on-trend for your target market. Check out some our innovative products!

Project S.T.A.R.S.

Strategic Augmented Reality Story Telling
App Samples

ST.A.R.S stands for STragetic Augmented Storytelling: we create custom, rich and immersive Augmented Reality experiences to tell the story of your brand, showcase your products and deeply connect with your audience.


Create custom curstomer journeys guided by our chatbots. They will take your customers through your history, your products and will even help them get the information they want in Augmented Reality.

Connected Packaging

Connected packaging remains a strong differentiator. We will help you integrate rich content to stoppers, labels or box sets accessible from your clients' smartphones, wherever they are.