Our Expertise

Strategic thinking before tools. This step will benefit your business in the short and long term.

The secret of a successful communication is to ask yourself the good questions first. A sound base needs to be laid out to build something strong and in the long-term. That is the reason why we prefer focusing on objectives and on target definition to suggest the most relevant tools. We employ different techniques to obtain these results:

  • Audit/Analysis
  • Brainstorming session
  • Adaptation markets/channels
  • Remote business development
  • Storytelling (creation of the story around your brand, your product, your team, …)
  • Branding (how to talk about yourself, create a brand image, a visual identity, strategic thinking about brand names, collection names, product lines names…)
  • Creation and management of communication tools (website, brochure, social networks, etc.)
  • Training on how to use the digital tools (We keep on working with you when delivering the digital assets so that you use them autonomously)